Random Days

Albuquerque, Vulcan.
Glacier Waterfall
Dust Devil in the Sacred Valley
Urubamba, Peru
El Malpais
Chaco's supernova
The Town That Never Dies
Battleship Rock
The crossing to Penasco Blanco
Hurricane Ridge, WA
Bourbon Street
Downtown Albuquerque 2015
Bottomless Lakes, Roswell, NM 2015
"Ditches are..."
Treasure Hunting
Waikiki sunset 2015
Troll Bridge Seattle, WA 2015
The Fellsway, Medford, MA
Found Poetry
Cape Cod in deep winter 2014
My favorite monsters
Beach Night on the Fly
That magical bridge in Southie
East Boston Siren
Island Fishing
Somewhere in the Atlantic 2015
The Tower I Found
Boston 2014
Strawberry Picking

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