"I am the kind of water they search for in space. 

And I know...what kind of storm I am not."

--"two hearts"-- Rust + Moth, Fall 2020

--a haiku-- Bones Journal, issue no 20, Page 99

--"Maps with Monsters", "Las Vegas, 2049", "Inside I am Raining"-- Petrichor Magazine, Summer 2020

--"Quake"--Gyroscope Review, Summer 2020

--"Shipwreck on Olympus Mons" --Red Planet Magazine Vol. 1, Issue 8

--"The Ways I Hold My Floods" -- Gargoyle Magazine, issue no. 71


--"Burning was the Way She Breathed" --Luna Luna Magazine

--"Mothra: The Song Remains" & "Your Blood is what Builds You" (Pushcart Prize nomination)--The Mantle Poetry, Issue #9

--"Ode to Vesuvius"--Minute Magazine, Issue #4


--"Pen and Poet" podcast with Rene Mullen

available on iTunes and Google Play

--"Vessels and Voids" podcast with Manuel Montoya, "Navigating the Great Storm"

--"Dreaming of Cyclops"-Lightning Cake


--"On Pluto, Eating Starfish"-Winter Tangerine Review

--"In the Trenches of the Cimarron Canyon" -Philadelphia Stories, editors choice

--"The Red Ribbon Tide"

Ginosko Literary Journal

Vol. 18.

--Storm: a poetry chapbook, available on Amazon, B&N, and on Kindle


--"Bigfoot's Garden" in Medusa's Laugh, Microtext Anthology--2016


-Kristian Macaron, Storm

Kristian is an editor at the Manzano Mountain Review  and Little Wolf.

Check manzanomountainreview.com for past issues and submission guidelines.


We have just published Issue no. 4.

Kristian formerly contributed to the Brewers Crew magazine, which highlighted the microbrewery culture in Albuquerque, NM, and throughout the Southwest.

& formerly was a contributor to and the Editor of Trend Magazine in Santa Fe, New Mexico for the Spring 2020 and Summer/Fall 2020 issues. 

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