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"Introduction to Fractals or How They Last" -- The Arts Fuse, April 2023

"when I dream of grandma, she is hiding from me" -- "One Albuquerque, One Hundred Poets" December 2022

"Thera", poetry, The Normal School-- December 2021

"Mapmaking", prose-poetry/flash, Uncanny Magazine-- Issue 42

Podcast Issue 42B: "Map-Making" by Kristian Macaron read by Erika Ensign

"Precipice"/"Flight", prose, Gargoyle Magazine, issue  no 74--November 2021

"Pyrocumulus", poetry, Drunk Monkey's Magazine, March 2021 

"recipe for time travel in case we lose each other", poetry, Asimov's Science Fiction, July/August 2021

"Time Traveler in the Grocery Store, circa 1992", poetry, Asimov's Science Fiction March/April 2021 

"/what fills it/", poetry, The Night Heron Barks, Spring 2021

Interview/Reading of "Quake" Gyroscope Review, Promopalooza, April 2021

"Why I Love Time Travel Stories", Essay, "From Earth to the Stars" Blog-- Asimov's Science Fiction- March 2021

“The Coyote in the Kitchen”, prose, The Gateway Review, Vol 6, issue no 3

"two hearts", poetry, Rust + Moth

"Imperator Visits the Ocean", poetry, Drunk Monkeys Magazine

a haiku  Bones Journal, issue no 20, Page 99

"No One Would Ever Know", Essay, Solstice Literary Magazine


​"Maps with Monsters"

"Las Vegas, 2049" --(Best of the Net nominee, 2021)

"Inside I am Raining", poetry, Petrichor Magazine

"Quake", poetry, Gyroscope Review --(Best of the Net nominee 2021)


"Shipwreck on Olympus Mons,", poetry, Red Planet Magazine Vol. 1, Issue 8

"The Ways I Hold My Floods", poetry, Gargoyle Magazine, issue no. 71


"Burning was the Way She Breathed", poetry, Luna Luna Magazine

"Mothra: The Song Remains" (Best of the Net Nominee 2020)

"Your Blood is what Builds You" (Pushcart Prize nomination 2020), poetry. The Mantle Poetry, Issue #9

"Curiouser & Curiouser", Article about Artist Jody Sunshine, Trend Magazine Summer 2019

"Event Horizon", Article about Santa Fe Emerging Media Artists, Trend Magazine Summer 2019

"In the Q", Article about Film & Television in New Mexico, Trend Magazine Summer 2019

"A Question of Taste", Article about Food and Beverage Pairings, Trend Magazine Summer 2019

"Into the Mystic", Article about Hotel Luna Mystica, Taos New Mexico, Trend Magazine Fall 2019

"Invoking the Spirits", Article about New Mexico Distilleries, Trend Magazine Fall 2019

"Travels in Space and Time", Article aboutArtist John Barney, Trend Magazine Fall 2019

"Ode to Vesuvius", poetry, Minute Magazine, Issue #4

"The Red Ribbon Tide", prose, Ginosko Literary Journal Vol. 18

Storm: a poetry chapbook, Swimming With Elephants Publications (see books)

"Bigfoot's Garden", prose, Medusa's Laugh Press, Micro Anthology 2

"In the Trenches of the Cimarron Canyon", poetry, Philadelphia Stories: editors choice

"On Pluto, Eating Starfish", prose, The Winter Tangerine Review: Volume 3

“Dreaming of Cyclops”, prose, Lightning Cake Journal


"Pen and Poet" podcast with Rene Mullen

available on iTunes.

"Vessels and Voids" podcast with Manuel Montoya, "Navigating the Great Storm"


Editor, Manzano Mountain Review 2017-Present

Editor-in-chief, Trend Magazine Volume 20, issues Summer & Fall

Contributor, Brewers Crew magazine, 2017-2019

Moon phases_PNG7.png
pen doodle of Kristian Macaron by HM Downs. Kristian is sitting in a comfy chair with legs crossed holding a laptop. On the floor next to her is her dog, a husky named R2, a backpack, a magical-looksing sword. Next to her is a stack of magazines and a table with a coffee cup.

image by HM Downs, 2021

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