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Recipe for Time Travel in Case We Lose Each Other

Released: 2/22/22


Recipe for Time Travel in Case We Lose Each Other is a study of emergence through reflections of interiors, hearts, geology (volcanos), deep time, and—of course—time travel. These poems abound in moments we can look at the earth as a body or the body as an earth and attempt to understand our own relationships with others and with ourselves through approaching the unfamiliar with wonder and resolve. 

This is Kristian Macaron's first full length book of poetry.


Available now from Game Over Books Publications.

Cover art by Mar Spragge

Kristian Macaron’s first chapbook of poetry, Storm, features her various experiences in New England during the midst of some of the most powerful storms to pass through in the last several years. Her poetry is raw, honest, and revealing. This is a wonderful for collection for anyone who has experience the confusing effects of natural disaster as well as those who may have never had such an experience." --Swimming With Elephants Publications, 2015


Available from [Out of Print January 1, 2022: Please inquire to Author].

Cover Art by Gwendolyn Prior



Kristian Macaron is the author of two books of poetry. Her newest collection is Recipe for Time Travel in Case We Lose Each Other, forthcoming February 2022 from Game Over Books Publications (see below to pre-order). Her chapbook, Storm, was published in 2015 from Swimming With Elephants Publications. 

For inquiries regarding Recipe for Time Travel in Case We Lose Each Other (including bulk orders) please email at least 3 weeks in advance of your deadline.

For inquiries regarding rights to individual works please contact Kristian at

Kristian Macaron is wearing a yellow Jurassic Park shirt. She is standing on a volcano on the Albuquerque West Mesa. In the distance you can see another volcano behind her like a small mountain, the prairie, and the city of Albuquerque. She is looking down and smiling. It is sunset.
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